My Sword

I made a knex sword. It is very sturdy and the instructions are on Knex Innovation. Here is the link.


Picture of My Sword
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00raln007 years ago
thats cool i can make that except the handle XD
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Camisado8 years ago
What the??!! I thought I'd be seeing a proper sword, or at least a Bokken sword, but whaddya know, THIS again!!
OMG...plz people. People are trying to show off their ideas, and all you people can do is say "OH LORD, PLZ STOP WITH THE KNEX." Learn to appreciate.
jollex (author)  warsoldier949 years ago
Thank you.
ojochris9 years ago
looks Kinda flimsy... is it?
jollex (author)  ojochris9 years ago
No, it's actually really sturdy. You can swing it very hard and it won't break.
Juklop jollex9 years ago
Yes but I doubt you cam actually hit anything with it.
jollex (author)  Juklop9 years ago
Actually I "cam" hit pretty much anything without it breaking.
ojochris jollex9 years ago
I can hit anything with mine, but I can't stab anything, I like it though, thanks for posting!
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