My TRUE Semi auto

The Semi Auto I have came back to my semi auto, I made one when I first started knex, barely shot, not reliable at all, I've remade it over the past 4 days, it has a new mag, new system, new internal mag pusher and new way of loading. Pros Semi auto Removeable mag Internal pusher Takes less than 30 seconds to detach the mag, load 14 bullets and re-attatch the mag Not many pieces Shoots in an almost straight line Cons Bad range (around 7-10) Not that reliable Jams if not fired right Uses 11 Y clips

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barrax8 years ago
i made one with a range of about 50 ft. no joke. but i couldn't finish it or test it, cause i don't got the pieces, but i got knex guy helping me - it was basically done it just needed finishing on the barrel and strengthening. 50 ft. Its beast. it doesnt work like you think it does. pic:
yerjoking (author)  barrax8 years ago
I'll be posting my L96 as my final bolt action, then I can revisit my semi auto and get a better mech/bullet so that range is increased. How does it work?
Dude, all these guns you never post.
yerjoking (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
Because I show them to my friends.

'Ibles is stupid when it comes to ratings. They just care about power and pretending old things are new.
it's a slowed down machine gun - some rods get in the way of it spinning, then they move when you pull the trigger, some more come in in a different position, and so on. it has the power of a grey ram rod mech, with the fightability of a semi auto.
That's a pseudo semi-auto.
yerjoking (author)  oodalumps8 years ago
POST SOMETHING YOU! Anything on KI anytime soon?
then again your right. But it still owns.
Semi Auto: fires when you pull the trigger.
yerjoking (author)  barrax8 years ago
... Not really semi auto then...

Sorry, but its not, then again, mine isn't true semi auto, as it doesn't use the bullets power to push back the ram/slide, but you only need to add a grey con filled mag and pull the trigger =D!
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