My arm's can't feel pain!?

Today this girl was pinching my arm in this weird way thats supposed to hurt and i could barley feel it, so me and my friends put my arm to the test as soon as i started talking about the incident. My friend grabbed my arm with both hands twisting the skin in opposite directions (indian rugburn) dug his nails into it for long periods of time, stapled it, i put a little piece of glass into it (the top), bit down on it as hard as i could, and punched a brick wall. STILL NO PAIN!?!!?! wessup wif dat!

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you might not have pain receptors. I also accidentally cut my middle finger and it was bleeding a lot but i couldn't feel the pain weird huh

Your skin is not homogeneous - there are spaces between the nerve endings.

As a fun experiment, sharpen a pencil, then gently probe your forearm - depending which nerves you hit, you will feel pain, pressure, heat, even cold. If you miss a nerve entirely, you will feel nothing.

Try the same test on different parts of your body, and you will notice distinct differences in sensitivity.

You'll take your eye out!

LOL, aim lower!

AdilH2 years ago

Even i have the same problem i guess.. i can poke a safety pin until it goes through my skin and still not feel any pain.. but this only works with my arm.. any where else i screech .. :P

Nvjgkj12532 years ago

my arms arrested like that too. I've tried breaking them and I cant.

That is awesome. I wish my arms were like that. :)

pann7 years ago
there is one benefit, you can punch your enemies as hard as you can with out felling any pain
astrozombies138 (author) 9 years ago
:D im all good! i guess i can just take alot of pain
Ok, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. I am glad nothing is wrong.
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