My awesome rifle!

Here is my awesome rifle, i need to know that 10 people want this before I post it. I is still a working progress so let me here ideas!

Picture of My awesome rifle!
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Ashwak8 years ago
nice gun dude
buterSBob299 years ago
nice i love ur guns
the dawg9 years ago
POST plz
Mintyhippo (author) 9 years ago
ted8169 years ago
dude please post
Mr Tenacious10 years ago
If i say post 10 times will you post? Post, post, post, post, post, post, post, post post... POST!
the dawg10 years ago
how far does it go? the vid aint working for me and yeah post it.
Fresh9410 years ago


X_D_3_M_110 years ago
this ones awesomer
I don't think that " new assault barrel" would work to well its all bent ,and strait objects don't like to go through bent things. If you can fix that ,and make the butt smaller I'll say post it!
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