My biggest childhood crisis!!!

that reminds me one time I got a bead stuck up my nose it was up so far you couldn't feel it if you stuck your finger as far up as you could. that night I went to a hospital and it took 4 nurses to hold me down while they stuck small vacuums up my nose. ( I was actually over powering the nurses and I was only 7 years old.) I could see blood going up the vacuums tubes.... all failed that night so I want home and went to bed. the next morning my mom took me to a eyes nose and ears doctor ad he just numbed my nose with a little dropper and suck a piece of curved metal up there (I still screamed a lot but I tried not too move) and hooked it around the bead and he pulled it right out. one try. it felt so weird with that thing up my nose. on the way home my mom took me to toys 'R' us and bought me two lego sets. I was like "oh yeah"!!!!

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westfw9 years ago
I had my stomach pumped out once when my parents thought I had eaten toadstools (apparently I came home with a basket full and said something like "look! Yummy mushrooms!" I was 6, I think.) Not at all a pleasant experience... (much later, I began to understand what a LOCAL thing this is, in a global context. In other parts of the world, most of the wild mushroom-like things are edible, and most of the snakes are venomous. In the US, most of the wild mushroom-like things are deadly poisons, and most of the snakes are safe...)
the_burrito_master (author)  westfw9 years ago
wow lol you could have died.
It turns out that I hadn't actually eaten any. I'm pretty sure I liked my mushrooms cooked. But when you have a situation like that, as a parent, it is NOT the time to try to extract accurate information from a 6-year old about whether he did or did not eat any of the poison mushrooms. Getting the stomach pumped is comparatively easy and cheap compared to (say) a liver transplant. (Of course, this was back about 1965; I don't think they DID liver transplants...) ("lol" ?!)
On the bright side though, i bet all those 6 year old girls were checking you out wondering if yo lost weight
Not likely. I was pathetically small and scrawny; routinely about the same size as my brother, who was 3 years younger than me (once he passed toddlerhood; I don't mean that I was the size of a 3y-old when I was six, but I was pretty much the size of a 9-year old when I was 12. I was even too small for the bullies to pick on. This did mean that I wasn't much good at "guy sports", and I had lots of girl friends. Till puberty made everything so complicated, anyway. I grew about 18 inches in high school and ended up at the low end of average height, and was still really scrawny. (See the college-era photos on my orangeboard.) Alas, I have gained significant weight since college. I figure the first 20 pounds or so were good for me, but I didn't stop there. Sigh.
When I was a toddler until I was about 6, I was about 10 or 20 pounds underweight. My parents told me I had to eat a little more. So I listened. how I look right now is a good example of how I heard too well. ahaha. Hopefully I will get a little narrower when I grow taller.
yet another way me and u are the same
okay....... good to know
I got lost backstage at our concert hall right before my orchestera's preformance...

Made it back just in time >.>
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