My computer refuses to open .exe files

My computer refuses to open .exe files can anyone help? its running on vista and its started happening just recently

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Padlock9 years ago
How would it be refusing to open .exes but you are on the internet (Through a browser, which is a .exe)...?
spiker9 years ago
Well this is a major problem. even if you have the fix to install, it wont work cause its an .EXE file. System restore could work. P.S. are you the only one that uses that computer,
*cough* old forum *cough*
o so you dont belive in helping anyone who looks at old fourms? or Do you not belive in bringing the dead back to life? or Do you not like rehashing the past? hmm hmmm well well
Hey, chill out. I'm not hatin'. Just saying, it's been months, and I think he's already fixed the problem. I personally have no problem with bumping dinosaur threads, just saying in case you didn't see the dates, this thread is kinda old and moldy. ;)
just messin with ya
sure ;)
Yeah, even coolz has commented. ;-)
Heh. That's how you know...
Derin9 years ago
do you have uac on? because my computer did the same thing
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