My crazy knex idea

i dont have pics but i tried this today. i got 10 rubber bands tied together and launched a red connector with a red rod out the back. this went about 700 FEET!!!! it is just an idea but the gun or launcher would have to be 10 ft long =p.

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Wicky9 years ago
From what I've seen it is not possible to make knex fly that far using rubberbands. Also I found out that red connectors attached to a rod can't take more then 6 strings of 4 rubberbands each(weak rubberbands)(It gets ripped off)
DRADIS9 years ago
Kinda looks like a slingshot like on the sr-v1
paperninja (author) 9 years ago
k maybe 500ft, i just know it went far. i couldnt find it again. ALSO!!! my gun is done its specs are fires about 200ft, accurate for 50ft and is 3 ft long. im gonna post pics soon
dsman1952769 years ago
i dont know. i dont think you are telling the truth about 700 feet. you need a lot of power to go 700 feet. the red connector on the red rod will fly off if two much power is on it. enough power to shoot it 700 feet has got to be enough power to pull the red connector off.
paperninja (author) 9 years ago
i just made a gun that uses this idea it will fire around 150ft maybe
paperninja (author) 9 years ago
so u attack the red connector to a red rod then attach 10 rubber bands together then you put it in one of the slots and put it on something then have a friend pull it back and let go. sry my penmanship sucks
knex gun 700ft.bmp
How did you do it? Maybe a sketch in paint? I want to try it out! :-)