My drop-down menu is broken! Where are "Recent", "Forums", and "Answers"?

For the past several years, I have used the excellent user-specific drop-down menu options for quick access to those parts of the Instructables site in which I am most interested: recent I'bles, forum topics, and recent Q&A.

This afternoon, my dropdown menu changed, losing all of those functions.  Now, all I have access to are the instructables which I myself have created.  Obviously, I can take the tabs I currently have open and add them to the bookmarks of my current browser.  However, it's rather rude to take away functionality from users without warning us :-(

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I complained too! I'm doing the bookmark thing as well. It's the best workaround, I think, until I can pout/be generally miserable/sad enough to get it back. :D
Whenever you complain, add on the end "...and Kiteman says so too!".
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Thanks for the specific feedback, please keep it coming.
It takes something like 30 seconds for Instructables to even display my "you" page. Then I have to click "discussions", a tab which I can't bookmark.

Why have you broken the customisable feature ? When I used to check comments 5 times a day or more, I can't be bothered hanging around now.

Or is this yet another example of a UI bug making it into the wild, because it wasn't tested properly, again.
You can direct link to
and it loads quickly

Same thing - loads fast - I have it as a bookmark on firefox 'home'
WWC4 years ago
How come my comments i made on this are no longer here?
kelseymh (author)  WWC4 years ago
Your comments were on Frollard's version of this topic, not mine :-)
WWC kelseymh4 years ago
I have a comment here also but it has not shown it self.
WWC WWC4 years ago
Maybe my comments are caught in the filters and are not showing up until .....?
I posted exactly the same thing right around the same time...It makes me sad as I primarily log in, check comments, then questions, then recent...all of which are obfuscated behind menus.
UI rule number one: less clicks is better.
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