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I entered my instructable into the burning questions round 7 contest and it has not been approved yet, but other peoples instructables have just been added after i entered mine. I am a bit confused?? :@

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artmywork8 years ago
my entries "Create a PDF" waiting for approved, but every one can view it now.
awang88 years ago
Oh sorry. I looked at another person's How to Make a PDF thingy.
awang88 years ago
It's added.
Kiteman8 years ago
If you mean the second of the two "Create a PDF" Instructables on your orange board, it needs an introduction image, some of the language is a bit unclear (PM me if you want help), and if you've created a PDF, you ought to add a PDF to the ible to prove that you've done it (just treat the PDF file like an image and upload it into your image library).
Give it time. It's moderated so it may take a bit. :)