My favorite use for CD coasters - making groovy records!

Although I haven't perfected it yet (Edison did long ago), you can see how I do it.
Coaster Records

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schorhr10 years ago
I am looking forward to an instructable.
I ordered a KIT from a while ago which I have not assembled jet, but is suppose to work rather well for recordings up to 50 seconds on a CD ;-) I think i payed about 22 Euros including the shipping, so it was tax free here too.
VIRON (author) 10 years ago
Still experimenting... When I can Make a 45rpm single for my brother's band I suppose it will be good enough to be an instructable.
royalestel10 years ago
Dude, you're so awesome. Please dissect with pictures and post as an instructable.
. I second that. . Rather crude, and useless to boot, but cool as hell. With a "needle" transport, as LV mentioned, it would be awesome. . Mastering the disk will be the hard part since the CD material is so hard, as you've discovered. A transport will be a big help - it will apply consistent cutting pressure during recording and align the needle on playback. A larger speaker with a stylus shaped more for cutting than scratching, for recording, might help.
Kiteman10 years ago
An easier playback system might be this one - the tile is very rigid (good for carrying vibrations), yet light (so it's easy to start vibrating).

Have you thought of changing your recording medium? Coat your CD in something easier to scratch (wax? varnish? lacquer?), or try a layer of wet clay or uncooked "fimo", play it back when it's dry?

Whatever, good luck with the researches, don't forget to write them up as an "ible".
VIRON (author) 10 years ago
One thing I forgot to mention is you only cut a record groove on the bottom side of a coaster disc unless it's one of those clear ones at the end of a stack, because otherwise you'll be showered in confetti and look all sparkley like you're the star of a campy show.
TheCheese992110 years ago
Dude when you played it back with the record player arm it sounded to trippy, like I am in my basement alone with the lights off, and it sorta freeked me out
LasVegas10 years ago
Edison invented the first phonograph in November of 1877. That's 130 years ago. Not 200... Disk records didn't come along until almost 20 years later and weren't available commercially until the turn of the century. I agree with your closing statement in the film. Like Edison's original recorder/player, you need a worm gear to control the position of the stylus.