My instructable was posted on a website and I wasn't given credit

I hope I am in the right area to post this...
I am a newbie to the art of step-by-step instruction and instructables as a whole.  I have really enjoyed being a part of this community and sharing ideas with all of you.  However, I just had an experience where I found my instructable on this website.

She did not give me any type of credit and made it appear that she had created it herself.  I am awaiting a response from her as I write this.  I saw a great deal of other instructable "family" on the site as well.  They too were not given credit.  So i ask...what do you do with this type of situation?

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Each Instructable has a license which outlines the limitations of reposting that work. If your project is posted elsewhere without your permission, without attribution, or beyond what the copyright allows, you are advised to contact the site/individual and request proper attribution. If you do net get satisfaction you can complete a DMCA takedown notice and send it to the ISP that is hosting the content. 

For this particular issue, individual authors are encouraged to contact

(as others have stated)
This particular blogger has refused to abide by the instructables license. I don't know if her deleted comments are available to you, but she chose to make threats against instructables instead of complying with the licenses.
The copyright holder (the person who wrote the Instructable) has to be the one to issue a DMCA.
Oh, I get that, but it doesn't preclude a nice request to do the right thing.

She has stolen from so many authors, organising them to make the separate requests is a silly-big job.

Maybe some larger, umbrella organisation, with access to her email address, could have a little word... ;-)
TamarasSoliloquy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Here is another example of a popular instructable being hijacked...
This was listed on the Word Press with no credit given
If you scroll down to the end of the page its listed under multiple categories including "Hraygurls How-Tos"

Here is the instructable link for the actual posting

It is sad this site can not be taken down. So many authors are being discredited by this hack of a blogger whose only claim to fame is stealing and plagiarizing other people's work. Shoot, she has the winner of the decorations from last year's Halloween contest on there. I did contact the lady who posted the test tube bubbler (through our hauntforum pages) to let her know. Hopefully they can get their instructable removed.

So sad someone has so little class as to take another's work and use it as their own.
Kiteman4 years ago
It seems they have stolen more than one instructable.
TamarasSoliloquy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
So..I would take it that I missed a few postings? Looks like quite a few disappeared. Did she remove them or did an administrator take them down? I did fill out the form you suggested on WordPress. But, I haven't heard anything else from them.
I think she removed them, since I pointed out the inevitable consequences of various threats she tried to make.

It's quite bizarre browsing her blog, since I have seen most of the content before, here. Unfortunately, the way Wordpress seems to work, individual authors must complain about individual postings before they act. The one she stole from you is gone, for instance.
TamarasSoliloquy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Threats? That's really disappointing. It could have easily been remedied without heading down a path like that. For Shame.
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