My kitten

Hey guys! Ifinally got my new kitten! If you remember, I asked a question on how I could make a litterbox, and that I might get a new kitten. Well, I got it, and her name is Chloe.

Picture of My kitten
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Et3753239 months ago

those are just pictures i found online

KITTEN LOVE.jpgkittens for HAIKU.jpgOMG KITTENS.jpg
Et3753239 months ago
I LOVE Kittens! I'm a cat lady! I have one kitten (looks like yours but bigger) and one cat!
KITTEN LOVE.jpgkittens for HAIKU.jpgOMG KITTENS.jpg
adaeg1 year ago

Swweet: )

JuliaFord2 years ago

Wow, you have very nice kitty.

pieseu2 years ago

Looks exactly like my Puma! :) also black and fluffy :)

zabawa z korkiem1.jpg
badgesagogo2 years ago

Wish all the best for you and chloe (which is so nice !) !

TREX ZoaR0K4 years ago
is that a bombay im just wondering because it black like one but the coat isn't as shiny
Diamondclaw4 years ago
What a beautiful kitten u got!I wish I had one.
A beautiful name for a precious little kitty!!
Treat all animals with love and respect.
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