My knowledge is whole.

All gaps in my knowledge have been filled.

I am in possession of all life's necessary information.

The specific gravity of culm is 0.75.
Steel wire with a diameter of 92mm has a safe working load of 930kN
To temper steel to be suitable for twist drill, heat it until it turns a pale straw-yellow.
An American fluid ounce holds 8 drams, but a British fluid ounce only holds 7.6861 drams

In other words, this morning's post brought my copy of the 2010 edition of Glover's Pocket Reference.

Actually, I don't know everything.  I know it floats in water, but I don't know what "culm" actually is...

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Goodhart6 years ago
Hmmm, does it include what I have in these?
The ENTIRE metric conversion table,
A pretty complete set of measurement conversions
and the Pocket PCRef :-)

And for those that haven't done so,  Culm Measures are a geological formation of the Carboniferous period that occur in south-west England, principally in Devon and Cornwall. They are so called because of the occasional presence of a soft, sooty coal, which is known in Devon as culm.

Dewey, Henry (1948) British Regional Geology: South-west England, 2nd ed. London: H.M.S.O.; p. 29
.  In addition to Pocket Ref and Pocket PCRef, I consider Ugly's to be a must-have.
I got an ugly's guide and the Make edition of glovers pocket ref at Maker Faire, both are full of knowledge.
Hey thanks for does look good.
What about Machinery's Handbook? Before you know the pronunciation, it has the most wonderfully appropriate title for an engineering reference :-)
jeff-o kelseymh6 years ago
Good one, I was going to mention it myself. I got my copy from a guy at work who was selling an older copy. I think I've got the 26th edition or something.
Ouch, at $68.57 I might have to hold off on that one for a bit. :-)
Biggsy6 years ago
Kiteman.... where do babys come from?
Most people should know that but it is the care and feeding of such that most people lack.
Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
There's a Maker's Handbook now. Sort of.
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