My modded nerf guns

This is my nerf arsenal. I don't have much because I'm just starting out. Although I only have a few guns, I have one of the rarest and most prized guns, the crossbow. All of them are modded except for the blast fire.

Picture of My modded nerf guns
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Furloy6 years ago
where do you buy your petg? i cant find i anywhere.
also this afternoon im gonna cpvc my mavericks barrels.
ryry20116 years ago
would you sell me that crossbow for 106$?
emuostrich8 years ago
And I_am_Canadian, on un-modded nerf guns, the air (from the plunger) pushes a 3 pronged thing that pushes the dart out (except for some like the really small one, the secret shot ex-3 or something. Airsoft modded, stefans modded, and copper barrel/PVC/that clear stuff modded all need the air restrictors removed (and the 3 pronged thingy) too. Also...wait all the latest posts are from like october last year..........
that three pronged thing is the air restrictor also that clear stiff thats petg
the "three pronged thing" is the air restrictor, and has nothing to do with the launching of the dart. all it does is block the air flow after the dart has left the barrel.
imthereal8 years ago
that crossbow is so freakin cool looking compared to how you buy them. great job man!
DrWeird1178 years ago
DUDE DUDE DUDE... That X-Bow sells on eBay for $500!
emuostrich8 years ago
Wait, nevermind...and this is my review of the longshot so DON'T SEND ME PM'S THREATENING THAT YOU WILL COME TO MY HOUSE AND TRY TO STUFF LIVE WEASELS DOWN MY THROAT!!! okay as I said's MY review;
Some KEY (important!) points;
1) After the first couple shots (of the bullet) it gets all messed/chewed up. Most of my bullets have hunks of foam ripped off of them (usually the bottom) and THE GUN GETS JAMMED ALL THE TIME FROM THE MESSED UP BULLETS AND MESSES THEM UP SO MUCH THEY LOOK LIKE LITTLE ORANGE MUSHROOMS!!!
2) You can only use streamline darts (or stefans and I'll go into that later)
3) After 1-3 shots (of the bullet) they (the bullets) when shot curve around or spiral (this is becuase the bullet isn't even and the tip is too heavy)
4) The pistol attachment's much better to use the barrel extender from the recon cs-6.
5) The nite-finder and the tech target are/have:
-Far more accurate
-Far more range
-Far more easily to mod (which brings us to are next point....)
7) THE LONGSHOT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MOD!right now it is sitting in my room all disassembled and half the screws are in my other various guns (no wonder it took so long to put back together my maverick) You need to get something called a dremmel and hacksaw and other stuff to remove the air restrictors so it will shoot stefans or airsoft and I'm only in junior high so...
8) The thing that would make this gun worth $30.00 is this: Longshot mod
9) Lastly, if you hate my review and are wondering where I live and where to get weasels... GO GET HIT BY A CAR!!!!(I am not responsible for mortalty fees)
10) You can also go here for more stuff...
bakenbitz (author)  emuostrich8 years ago
Whats a stefan? Whats a Dremel? Whats an Air Restrictor? Please help.
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