My never-published K'nex creations

These are just a couple of my creations that I never posted. I'm don't have most of them anymore, so don't even ask for me to post. Hope you like them! 1 And 2 are my gatling gun. This was a great gun, but the motor was not powerful enough to push the triggers. I liked it because it had the switch for the motor build right onto the handle. 3 And 4 are my version of spider massacre. It was a great gun, it shot 60 feet with 2 rubberbands (the ones on in the picture). 5 And 6 are a really good magazine I made. 7 Is my modded dd-27. It was not a big mod, but it is still one of my favorite guns. 8 Is my Semi-Auto. This was a excellent gun, but took a while to reload. 9: The front of my modded Pineapplebob's sniper. This mod helped a lot. 10 is my sniper. Silentassasin actually made a Instructable for this one. 11 and 12: A really old mod of foresthell12's gun. it was excellent. Redneckobseesed expanded a little more on this one and came up with the ROSP. Thats it! Thanks for having a look at this forum.

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The ironman7 years ago
if you do rebuild it post it and make it walk
I_am_Canadian (author)  The ironman7 years ago
make it like walk on 4 feet so you can put it on a table and put the triger on a push relise at the front so when it hits people they will covered in brusies
I_am_Canadian (author)  The ironman7 years ago
Which one though?
the gattiling gun and sorry for the wait
smilee8 years ago
I was wondering how many motors were used in the gatling gun?
I_am_Canadian (author)  smilee8 years ago
Just one.
if you do rebuild this, you could try that concept oodalumps posted for his gat, or use 2 motors.
I_am_Canadian (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
If I were to rebuild it I would.
ok. I think that using ooda's concept would mean that you could use weaker motors.
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