My new pic

What do you guys think of my new avatar picture? :)

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owendrake7 years ago
That looks like a pretty major scar. What's the story there?
daniel20087 years ago
it could of course all be done with Photoshop.
martymunch8 years ago
nice shirt, like the tat too!
maybe this person is a he she JUST KIDDING LOL
Pat Sowers9 years ago
I think it is all beautiful...not to be crass, but I would love to see the ink up close, it looks like really nice work. to be crass, would love to see the ink up close...for other reasons.
LasVegas9 years ago
Personally, I think the tattoo is way too busy.
HamO LasVegas9 years ago
what tattoo?
NachoMahma HamO9 years ago
. Yeah. It took me a few minutes to notice it. If you look REAL close, it's just below her bellybutton. heehee
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