My new toys(lol,not really)

Hey guys! This is my long awaited first forum topic on my first 2 k'nex creations that I've been wanting to get a topic posted about them for quite a while, but never booked in any free time to get one posted. So today, I've had nothing to do,so I decided to go ahead and post a topic. The guns themselves are quite explanatory. One comes from a traditional firing pin system that's been on the site for ages now. The other gun is also a pin gun, but also has a slingshot mechanism integrated into it. Basically, it's a pin gun that has the ability to be given an unlimited amount of increased power as well as the ability to control pin friction. I give special thanks to Fred the penguin for the original idea. Go look it up if don't know what I'm talking about. That was one concept I used, the other one is really awesome and comes from the mighty 182515. Basically it allows a gun(whatever gun it may be) to be broken down into as many parts as possible, while also allowing a front portion of the barrel to be removable and interchangeable. Both of my guns have this concept. Anyway, enough chit-chat, onto pro's and con's for these weapons:

assault rifle-

-very powerful, breaks oodammo from about 40 or 50 ft, puts holes in drywall, and leaves some very nasty dents in steel doors with certain front ends.
-very high range. I can easily shoot a finned tan rod 275 ft. with 3 strong unused #64's and with the tr-18 mounted on it.
-extremely versatile. can have multiple uses.
- trigger requires no rubber bands and blocks the pins progress every time.
-Doesn't use many pieces,but it uses enough though.

- Gun may be a little hard to fire due to the trigger setup.
-uses broken parts.

logic bow-

-extremely powerful. I shot and killed a possum with it using sharpened fin ammo and 20#64's and actually puts holes in steel doors. 'nuff said.
-extremely high range. Shoots a finned black rod up to 600 ft. with a tr. And goes up to about 700 with the nar.(Only w/ latex surgical tubing or elastic bungee cord)
-extremely versatile. Does the same thing as the rifle.
-no pin friction due to the ratchet holding all of the pins bands.
-very reliable.
-unlimited power.
-Like the rifle, the trigger mechanism now operates on no rubber bands.
-Trigger guard

- Piece consuming
- A little heavy, but nothing too serious.
-uses broken parts.

Well, that about wraps it up. THESE WILL BE POSTED. I'm just not sure when yet. Below are some pictures for you to drool at.

**UPDATE**: I have changed these guns up some after this was published. The rifle pretty much stayed the same, I only did most of the major changes to the logic bow. It now features: A trigger that requires no rubber bands, better body design, bow limb reinforcements, handle moved up to the middle of gun, sear system type trigger or trigger that blocks behind the handle and moves only in one direction, and all the other bells and whistles. I also attached generic/basic stock butts to both guns(lol, that joke is getting old XD). I will upload the new pictures in a few days. Check for updates from me often by the way.

I think we're done here.

**UPDATE**  10/25/12- I have uploaded the new pictures. The last picture is of a recycled steel can getting pwned by the logic bow. Enjoy. :)

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SYMEN (author) 5 years ago
Lol, you just now noticed that?
wow that looks powerful
Mepain5 years ago
SYMEN (author)  Mepain5 years ago
I was referring to the comment mepain/tumbleweed made. I have no idea what he meant by that. Did you notice my update for this topic?
I don't know what he meant by "Naahhhhh" either, and no, I don't see your update. XD
Maybe 'ibles are working on it, or something...
The new wall of text in the description explaining the changes I've made to the logic bow thing is the update. I'll get new pictures uploaded soon. I also need someone's help in coming up with names for these guns. I obviously can't call them as they are. That's just plain stupid.
Well, for name idea, just do what I did for my PARR. I just took the simple idea of what the gun's mech was, and made it into initials. PARR = Pull And Release Rifle. Simple as that. :-)
Oh wow, you posted that comment today. I might just be right on time replying to this :0. Sorry for the inactivity by the way. I know I've been dead for like a week or so. Not really dead, but you get the point. As for the name calling lol, I've decided to call the big gun the Ditto Bow, simply because it's the same thing as Fred's Logic Bow, and pretty much functions the same way, only difference between mine and his is that mine has a trigger that doesn't need rubber bands to be activated, his does. Mine has the capacity to do more crap than his, his is limited by only an 18 shot turret that houses many types of ammo, but is limited by actually how many types of ammo. His has a pin guide, mine doesn't need one because it uses a different approach to prevent the firing pin from bending upwards. Right now I'm doing a complete reconstruction of the rifle because the trigger failed to work properly, and have to turn it into a different type of pin gun. I'm just not entirely sure of what kind of pin gun would work with what I'm doing. If you have any recommendations, let me know. Here's what I'm looking for: a type of pin gun that houses the same amount of power as a normal pin gun or more power than a pin gun. Please reply to this asap.
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