My newest gun

This is what I have been working on. It has a bottom rail, front sight, true trigger, bolt action mech, removable storable mags, and a ROF that is zkar or greater. Discuss. Also, help me name it. leave your suggestions in a comment below.

Picture of My newest gun
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ryry20117 years ago
cool gun
Knarez7 years ago
K, says it shoots as fast or faster then my one so make a vid please. I want to see. Also, yellow rods>blue rods.
rec0n (author)  Knarez7 years ago
Are you sure that yellows are better than blues? In what way? When I said faster, I meant while you are aiming, as you never have to move your hands because the handles the bolt. Otherwise, it shoots around the same ROF as the zkar v2. Not as far though.
Knarez rec0n7 years ago
Uh you don't have to move your hand of the pull back thingy on zg either. I think mine shoots faster.
rec0n (author)  Knarez7 years ago
I moved my hand off to aim. Yours still probably does shoot faster. my gun is only 70% relaible.
Unless you have used a different mechanism to Zak's, yours will shoot faster, his has a tendency for the yellow rods to go too far forward when used in rapid fire,  so the ram doesn't hit them,a lot of people , 
including me and DjRadio, couldn't find a solution, so as it stands, this will be more reliable. ( Can't wait for it to be posted!)
You could try buliding it right.
So even Dj didn't build it right? don't think sooo...
OK, first off, let me say what should be obvious. If multiple people make a gun and show it working fine then obviously it has the potential to function just fine even if it's not quite as user friendly. It can only be the builder's fault for not building the gun right.

Secondly, stop picking on the poor iblers, Zak. Does it really matter what claims they're making against your ZKAR? Get your kicks elsewhere.
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