My newest gun

This is my final version of this gun. It was originally called an M16 but it doesn't look like one anymore. There are removable clips that you can pre-load, the front grip is detachable as is the top sight rail. I'm posting it on KI at the end of the month. Instructions have been posted

Picture of My newest gun
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lukeg36c9 years ago
try to make an m10 you now a uzi i think you van make it because youre an good builder
bradleyJOHN9 years ago
have you posted it yet?
bakenbitz (author)  bradleyJOHN9 years ago
tech-king9 years ago
not sure why since im not big on knex
bruce9119 years ago
I think it would need some sort of front barrel just o make it look cooler, otherwise, very nice. +1
bakenbitz (author)  bruce9119 years ago
I thought so too at first, but I like its mobility, having no barrel makes it easier to carry around.
flames103919 years ago
i know you are posting it on KI but post it on here too!
bakenbitz (author)  flames103919 years ago
I will eventually.
smidge1479 years ago
post it
bakenbitz (author)  smidge1479 years ago
I'm posting it on at the end of the month.
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