My notes not saving!

OK I try to put notes on my pictures and they're not saving it just says saving your note but I left it for at lest an hour and it still did not save it just kept saying saving your note? Help?I have  done  notes on an  windows internet explorer on an   windows xp.

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Jaycub6 years ago
This is happening to me too. It's not going to help me win the epilog challenge.
Kiteman Jaycub6 years ago
get the images up, and do a decent write-up in the introductory text, you'll be fine.
Jaycub Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks, yeah that,s what I've been doing. I might try firefox if it's free.
Kiteman Jaycub6 years ago
It is - just download it from the Mozilla website.
TSC (author)  Jaycub6 years ago
Yeh I know!
I tried in both Firefox & Chrome... not saving on certain images in the photo viewer instructable. Of course it's the images that need a little explaining... Murphy's law. Just wanted to note.... I'll try again later.
Kiteman6 years ago
See also:

Some members have reported better success with FireFox as their browser.
TSC (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
ok thanks!
Kiteman6 years ago
There is a known but inconsistent issue with image notes which the code-monkeys have some ideas about, but it looks like fixing it is going to take a rewrite of the entire autosave javascript.