My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender...

ok, so i just got phun, and while i was bored, i made this fruit blender.

and then i made an Ak-47
and then i made an SMG

both are fully automatic, and phun to play with.

here are the pics, and files, but be sure to convert the scene files from .tmp to .phn, so that they will work...

Picture of My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender...
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kmontfort6 years ago
can someone tell me the converter i need to use i cant find any converter on the internet, i,m new whit phun.
neardood8 years ago
lol I downloaded the blender and the lid fell in and it failed. Im a bit of a phun nut myself so if you go here :

you can see all of my creations
AnarchistAsian (author)  neardood8 years ago
you're supposed to lock the lid in place....
type my name in my l8test creation is a vending machine with 3 flavors of cans
AnarchistAsian (author)  neardood8 years ago
PS have Phun XD
neardood8 years ago
the maps come up as tmp files when downloaded :(
AnarchistAsian (author)  neardood8 years ago
you have to change the extension...
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
that seems very phun indeed!
AnarchistAsian (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ah-ha ah-ha, yes...
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