What are your picks for the Laser Cutter Finalists?

We're busy doing a round of approval voting to help select the finalists for the Laser Cutter Contest. In this round, judges give a "yes" or "no/no opinion" vote to each entry. We rank the entries by total number of "yes" votes and the top 10 become finalists.

While I haven't gone through everything yet, I've been adding Instructables I plan to vote "yes" for to my favorites (by clicking the "favorite link" right above the comments). Again, I'm not done yet, but you can check out my current picks here in my favorites.

What are your picks for finalists? Post you top picks as comments, or if you have a lot, post a link to your favorites.

Remember that an additional four finalists will be selected based on pageviews and positive ratings as recorded around Monday January 7th ( Laser Cutter Contest rules). So, there's still time to vote for and tell your friends about your Instructable or your favorites.

Also, we just added some sorting options for groups to make seeing who is in the lead that much easier:
Laser Cutter Contest entries sorted by pageviews
Laser Cutter Contest entries sorted by rating

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rgraylint9 years ago
Please check out our hand project https://www.instructables.com/id/Science-Fair---Articulated-Hand--20/

There are a lot of kids (and adults) pulling for us.

If we win the kids and I plan to start by designing our own R/C plane and laser cutting the parts. We could easily burn out identical planes for all the kids so everyone could build one. Then we could send in photos of our Instructables Air Force! : )

PS: To show our appreciation, we would put Instructables, Universal Laser Systems and VersaLaser logos on the planes to provide some free advertising.
Damn the things I could do with that laser cutter, and my mum's jewelrry classes could be done easier, and after reading everything that people said i would be possible to turn a good profit from that, half hour of cutting for about 3 classes, 2 hours a class at £20-30/hr... Me on the other hand would be using it to create a cutter made of acrylic etc that could replicate itself... make a viable frame design and motors + dremel or similar cutting device capable of making the frame itself... No hope though, how to make your own website and how to talk to your ex weren't my first choic of entries but with no camera and no money my goals couldn't be achieved.
fortneja9 years ago
Check out my secret compartment plans. It's cheap, easy to make, and very effective! Thanks for taking a look...
killrsheep9 years ago
dsman1952769 years ago
man none of my Instructables are in your favrites *sob*
WAAHH! Sam here :'(
And here. He is very picky.
icinnamon9 years ago
I pick mine ;)
[https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-your-Computer...-with-a-LASER!/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-your-Computer...-with-a-LASER!/]
How can you resist combining lasers and computers ;)
I guess the ones I gave a + rating to, I'll look through the entries again.
Ferrite9 years ago
The Carbon Bike frame by Brano and the Yurt.
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