My 'retirement' from K'Nex on

Well. I have decided to retire from K'Nex on this website. I will still be an active member on Knexables ( and Knex Innovation ( but I have no longer got time for this website. I will still post some projects about music and guitar, but no more K'Nex. I simply don't have any time to pick up my K'Nex with my paper run and my guitar, and because I have exams in two weeks and then I have a massive project due, I may not get the chance to use it till about 6 weeks away. I WILL however do one last project before I leave here. I have got an Idea but I want some community suggestions. If it is possible, I will post an ible.

Till then.

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alfpwns8 years ago
ive been on this site for 2 years June 13th, im still not bored Yeah i do "leave" far about from any where from 4 days- 4 weeks at times for school but i always return. I dont think you should retire i think you shoud come back after your exams are done and procject dead line comes. What DS man Said

dsman1952768 years ago

Why? I don't see a point to leaving instructables because of a six week period of time where you can't get on.

I haven't posted a knex thing in 7 months, you don't see me leaving any time soon do you?
you posted that fake semi auto shotgun on KA, you should post it here.
i was going to, but i made a huge update to it and made it stronger and all, and then ended up destroying it. i have bigger plans for my next instructables. hint true-bolt action with one barrel, DD-27 remade, Kentucky-do-nothing, and pistol with a breach loaded mag that can be loaded anytime. end hint
If I could have a pic of the barrel of your 1BA-4E, I have 2 trigger ideas for it. One is a block true based off the knexsayer, but with no ball joints, the other is my sear.
actually, the DD-27 remade is just that. the 1BA-4E is a different gun in essence. i took the real old DD-27 and gave it a new stock, body, trigger and handle.
so it uses the same barrel as the DD-27? dangit, i dont have ball joints.
it doesn't use a ball joint(at least this new version doesn't, i can't remember if the old one did)
People also seem to forget that this site is not just for K'nex, but other projects too.
DJ Radio Dutchj8 years ago
Some knexers (including you) have only posted knex guns (not applicable to me or AJ)
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