My school project

Just thought i'd let the instructables community know why I haven't been around foe a fair while. Well, mainly because it's getting near exam time, so I'm being a good little student and studying hard. Also, another reason is my best school project EVER!!!!!

See, i'm involved in an extended program at my school, called open doors. We get to choose something that interests us, research it, and build it!!!

We are building a HHO generator, running a lawnmower off it, then hopefully a small car!!!

You can follow our progress here:

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Da_Fudge (author) 9 years ago
Unfortunately, it did not work. We are starting a new project though!!!
guyfrom7up9 years ago
If the gasses are being combined I just thought of a really simple way to get a ton of close surface area with the terminals.

Use heatsinks!

something such as this:
use 2, having the fins overlaying eachother (but not touching). That should let a lot of amps through!

also use as low of a voltage as powwible, and as high of amps as possible, as the production of gas iss related to current, not voltage.
I think Aluminum electrodes would get eaten away pretty rapidly...
do you know of a better (non super expensive like platinum) metal?
Well, anything would be better than Aluminum, I think. Do HHO generators get run on AC, so as to prevent too much corrosion of one electrode over the other? I sorta like the idea of copper; at least that way you can get a rough idea of how much of your electrodes have dissolved by the color of the solution (and you can get copper heatsinks, so that might work out too.) Carbon/graphite rods are relatively popular, I think; they tend to get physically destoryed rather than contaminating the solution... It would be a good project in itself, to test various electrode materials...
Kiteman westfw9 years ago
Carbon - the centres from old C-cell batteries, pencils split in half, sketching charcoal, carbon arc-rods etc.
oh, and I didn't know if you needed above info, just saying what's on my mind sounds like a cool project
Da_Fudge (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
it's ok. thanks for the links though!!! this is the design we will probably use.
3d sketchup hydrogen generator.jpg
Plasmana9 years ago
Wow! That will be cool!
bumpus9 years ago
Cool! Its good to see people making a difference! :D Hopefully I can do the same for my car..
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