My somewhat official sidearm VIDEO ADDED

shotguns can be side arms too right?
( i will add video after youtube inspection )
EDIT: what attachments do you want on this?

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dsman1952769 years ago
man, i can't believe you also came up with that mech! i also have a shotgun useing that mech(kinda, mine has the shells, thats about it). my shells are only 3 grey spacers to fit in my mag(blue rod mag with extra parts to let it all work. it locks in to the gun and then pop-out when you pull the mag release) i think that the one think that scares me is the resemblence between my shotgun and yours. *note the picture is somewhat old, and a normal blue rod hopper is on this one. the version i have now has the pop-out mag. i do have one question though, how does your shell eject? i can't get mine to go out,they get stuck in the chamber on my gun.
Katarukito (author)  dsman1952769 years ago
theres a gap and when the ram enters the shell it pulls it out. watch the video
s0lekill3r9 years ago
Alright, that's an awesome mechanism. You need to get this posted once it's looking better.
Hell I wouldn't mind if he posted it now and let others build on it....I'd like to....
No one realy ever builds on it...... look at my side arm i built it to enter the tourney but it doesnt seem like any one wants to build it.... lol
I mean give it more body, and people will build this cause its a shotgun with pump, shells, and a mag.....btw, a shotgun isn't a sidearm, it's a secondary or backup.
no no I mean MY side arm the DD-Kyt
I know, it's okay to have no one make it one made my sniper, and probably none to my sidearm.
I would make your sniper, but I don't like canniballising the white rods. And you have a side arm?! Link please?
Oh yeah, the mag....I'm tempted to make an alternate one now! And yeah, it's a on my name cause I'm too lazy lol :P
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