My "theory"!!!!!!!!!!!

"The world was created in 7 days" Is one "day" for us, one day for God? 1 day for God could be 1 billion years or something.

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gyromild10 years ago
For argument's sake..if you want to include god in the picture, then god's notion of time certainly cannot be the same as human that are bounded within the universe..

The universe is expanding, faster than the speed of light, time observed within it by humans could be different than the one observed by an entity outside the universe (ie: God). You can dig further on subject (theory of relativity, etc)

If you want to tie the whole thing to your 7 days = 7 billion years theory, just remember that, most people only see thing that they wanted to see..
Yeah, this is what I'm saying. Actually, according to my scripture study, God is outside of Time.
That is extremely retarded. One can not be outside time.
. Why not?
there is no motion of matter outside of time... so it's physically impossible
Remember... all of the 'facts' about gravity are all only THEORIES!!
. Is God Made of matter? Does God have motion or mass?
.Why do all your posts start with a dot?
. Old habit. It's at the beginning of all paragraphs, not just the beginning of the post. Back In-The-Good-Ol'-Days, most BBSs would chop off any leading/trailing spaces and would oft-times collapse multi spaces to one. The periods faked out the parser. It may still be done, I've used the periods for decades. . I still bar my Zs when I write and I'm the only one that has to read my chickenscratch anymore.
We don't know that for a fact. So it's physically possible. There's lots of hypothesisness in dimensional math theory, too, my friend.
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