My time at Instructables HQ...

.. was boring.
There was nothing to do, Eric talked to much, they were so lazy...
Eric wouldn't even let me see the laser cutter!



Instructables HQ was one of the best days of MY LIFE!
It was so awesome.

I got to laser engrave my phone and Flip Video camera, I got to take pictures with Eric, Christy.
I met and talked to Tim Anderson, I met and talked to Patrik as well.

They gave me like two HUGE sheets of the rectangle robot stickers, and the circle ones.
That's about 350 stickers.

I got to check out the tower, Christy gave me and my brother each shirts from last years 2007 Halloween contest.

It was so awesome.
Everything will be in detail with images and stuff in my Slideshow that will probably be posted today.

So you guys will just have to wait.
I will post a comment on this that says "It's up!" and then you can check it out if you like.

Picture of My time at Instructables HQ...
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Wasagi9 years ago
How'd you get in?
GorillazMiko (author)  Wasagi9 years ago
Went to Yosemite, then San Francisco for Spring Break. Just asked if I could stop by, they said okay.
Wow! It'll be hard for me, considering I'm in DC...
Aeshir9 years ago
zachninme9 years ago
Hope you had fun! Aren't those sticker rolls cool?!
GorillazMiko (author)  zachninme9 years ago
Yeah! I bet you had to cut those... :P "Now Billy won't have to cut those all.", said Christy at the HQ yesterday. ;-)
- click print - wait exactly one hour and 10 minutes - sheet cut on printer - cut in half, then quarters - lay it out on table, and use razer to cut the rectangle stickers into rows of 12, and the circles into rows of 14 - use scissors to cut the rows into individual stickers - repeat - repeat - repeat ::sobs:: - repeat x2000 Sorry, I just finished getting through a very large sticker order. Since we will not have access to our large sticker making baby, we had to print out as many stickers as possible. I spent two hours a few days ago, finishing up all the sheets we had printed.
You know you get guillotines that cut full A1 size pages... We had one, it would drastically cut the effort in this, also I think a hand cranked strip cutter could be made easily enough... A few cogs and gears, handcrank and a pair of scissors modified...
GorillazMiko (author)  Tetranitrate9 years ago
I was cutting the stickers yesterday and today, and Billy, I know how you feel...
I didn't cut any stickers when I was there ;-)
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