My Worst Instructable Just Got Featured?

I came home from school and noticed a "you've been featured" message amongst my iBle messages. As surprised as I was, I was even more surprised that the Instructable in question was, IMO, my worst.

I don't understand. How did my worst iBle, the one I was considering deleting, get featured? I made it one day because I was extreamly bored. Now all can see my low quality shame on the front page!

*Is confused.*

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Well, it's certainly not a "proper" iBle, so I'll guess it was the humor that attracted whoever featured it. Maybe as an example of the "community spirit" here. . In spite of the spelling, it was an enjoyable read. My dogs are not allowed to beg, but I do get The Look quite often.
Not allowed?! That seems a little harsh. I'm not saying that you whip them with spiked belts, but it just sounds like if they beg then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! or something.
. Just part of being a well-behaved pet. No begging for food, no jumping on ppl, don't dash out the door until I say OK, &c.
Many USPC shelters won't adopt a dog out unless they are very much as you describe, plus they must be able to have their food taken FROM them while they are eating without a growl or especially without biting.
. Never had a problem taking food from the ACD, but I had to alpha roll the Pit a couple of times when she was young (she's almost as hard-headed as I am).
Especially if around children. It is going to happen eventually, so it is best to nip it in the bud before it happens :-)
ALERT!-'PitBull viciously grooms a guinea pig and potentially smothers it to death!!! ShrrrrrrEEEEEKKKK!!!

We need to put an end, to this insane madness. Pitbull's grooming guinea pigs... What's next I ask you my friends? What's next?

They need to be stopped now,NOW I TELL YOU!!
I wasn't referring to any breed of dog there....remember, some of the "strays" that the ASPCA gets are very antisocial, whether big dogs or little....and a few are untrainable.

A friend of mine owned a pit and she was VERY good around children (took to them very quickly and would become very protective of them too).

This is why the ASPCA has their shelters make sure that a dog is "better behaved then one from a pet store" before adopting it out. It isn't the dog breed we have to worry about, it is the dog's past and current teachability that are of a concern.
Oh, I wasn't referring to your previous post. Just trying to make the pic funny.
He he he I stick my fingers in my pit's mouth while she eats.... Funny to watch her try eat without getting my fingers.
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