Mysterious Pro Members???

 For a little while now, I have been questioning one thing:
"Why are there so many new Pro Members that never even do anything on Instructables?"

When you go on the home page, at the right side directly above the contests, you will see that the website shows new Pro Members. The odd bit about it is that when you click on some of their profiles, you will see that most of them haven't done anything on Instructables at all. Wouldn't one of them at least have made a comment, or asked a question? I'm now wondering if the owners of Instructables are making Instructables Pro Members on purpose, trying to convince the others that if so many people already went Pro, maybe they should too. If this is true, they wouldn't lose money, because if they are making the "Fake Members", their money goes right back to them.

Leave a comment on what you think, or if you have an answer, please tell us all.

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paqrat7 years ago
I would guess there are a number of reasons for becoming pro. That there is some sort of plot to get money seems to me to be the least likely. My reason for "going pro" is that I think the instructables website is the best website I have found since I tell everyone I meet that shows any signs of possibly appreciating the site the url. I decided to support the site with my wallet as well as my mouth.

I seriously doubt that anyone pays money for no reason at all. Most actions are done for some reason, not always good ones. Some times the person performing the action could not say why but there usually is a reason.
I think most of this has to do with the so called "I like building stuff but I'm not going to tell you how I build my own projects" kinda people.

These are the people who don't do anything noticeble on the site (except ask some questions but usually they don't need to because if something is unclear somebody else probably has asked before them)

But why do they pay for the pro membership you ask?

Well I can see one reason and that is: pdf downloads. Many people don't have a pc in their work area so they need to print it in order to follow it step by step.

So if they're really excited about something they'll happily pay the costs in order to be able to print it.

I see many new promembers a day to but I don't think the instructables staff uses it to lure people to pro membership. and if they would it would be fairly futile. If you're on this site and you contribute you're most likely a creative person and most creative persons just don't follow the herd which way it goes.

So my guess is people who want to print out the projects.

I myself don't really need pdf's I just remember what I need to do or come back to my pc regulary...
I can't stand those bandwagon people. (the people who do/like things because a majority of people do/like that thing)
Did you see jedi_teacher's comment, I think it corroborates your pdf argument.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  My guess is that they are what are called lurkers and enjoy the site well enough to want to help support it. Nothing really mysterious about that. Many ppl support their local symphonies and can't play an instrument or even read music.
.  But there is always the possibility that Robot is funneling funds to the aliens at Area 51, so you may be right.
zascecs (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Yes. And the thing about the people supporting local symphonies, they don't need to play an instrument, the question is "Do they go to the concerts?" 
.  No. The question is "Why are you so surprised that ppl will do things for reasons that you don't understand?" I have yet to figure out why anyone would sit in a small boat, in the middle of Winter, to hunt ducks ... but a lot of ppl seem to enjoy it. More power to 'em, but I'm sitting at home by the fire.
OK Nacho, Now you're just talking crazy..... If you can keep warm enough, then duck hunting is the next best thing to a spiritual experience.
But what about riding 100 miles nonstop on a hog until your arms vibrate off, your butt is sore, you're nearly deaf and you have to pick the bugs out of your teeth...Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance...
.  :)
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