Mystery Prizes!

What's more fun that winning a prize? Why winning a mystery prize, of course! We're sending out mystery prizes to winners of the First-Time Author's Contest and Homemade Gifts Contest, and if you end up being one of lucky winners, we want to see your reaction when you open it.

Share a picture of your mystery prize with us here or tag us on social media and we'll give you a shout out! 

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Picture of Mystery Prizes!
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woodumakeit29 days ago

I was honored to receive the Grand Prize (and mystery prize) for the Homemade Gift contest. It came with much more than I expected. In addition to the prize listed on the prizes page, it also came with a mini tripod, a full size tripod, a set of filters, lens cleaner, hand grip for the camera, extra memory card, wide angle conversion lens, telephoto conversion lens, flash, remote shutter control, screen protector, remote shutter control, and a Kreg K3 jig. I suspect that the Kreg K3 jig was the mystery prize, but maybe it was all those other items. Thanks, Instructables!


That is a really nice prize! I love that t-shirt color.

tinaciousz (author)  woodumakeit22 days ago

Well-deserved! Can't wait to see how you put that mystery prize to use. :)

TheGunNut441 month ago

I received Twelve fishbone knotless gear ties as my mystery prize! Here's a pic. Thank you Instructables team!

tinaciousz (author)  TheGunNut441 month ago

Yay! Glad you liked it!

thijsv1 month ago

Just won a mystery prize in the Home Made Gift contest. Exited to see what it will be!

congrats, and the lamp is awes

dalegribble1 month ago

maybe it's an epilog laser cutter?

Fantastic! looking forward to sending the picture when it comes in!

spacemonki2 months ago

I'm so excited! Love this idea! I just posted my very first instructable a few days ago and entered it! Fingers crossed!! :D

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