Mystery part!

My sister brought me home this part tonight from tech crew at school, she says she thinks it came from a fire alarm but were not sure. There are 2 lightbulb sockets and engraved on the metal it says "75W -125 v". Out of the back there are 6 wires, 1 red 1 black 2 white that are going into the large thing in the middle, and 1 black and 1 white coming out of the empty socket. the 2 sockets are also wired together. What is this part? is it simply a power supply with 2 light bulbs? The label says "Lithonia emergency systems on it" "input : 277 at 60hz (wht and black) output:120v 21.6VA (wht and red).

Picture of Mystery part!
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Some sort of transformer? Maybe a bell ringing device. try powering it up if you're the daring type... Would suggest lots of safety measures if you do though.
a variac/ isolation transformer is a good precaution
Indeed as is a faraday cage...
astrozombies138 (author) 9 years ago
so, solder in a plug to the white and black coming out the end and i have a lamp?
Goodhart9 years ago
because of the "odd ball" voltage rating (277) I would guess it is made for an office / business environment (our florescent lights are like this).
Note: Lithonia emergency systems

And also this link here...
. 277VAC is one leg of Wye-connected/3-phase/480VAC to ground. Pretty dang common.
. PS: which leads me to believe this unit came from an industrial setting.
Yeah, that is what I was attempting to convey (not very well I see :-)
. Well, most ppl that know me will tell you that I miss the obvious quite often. :) . In a DIY setting, such as here, I guess it's fair to call 277 odd-ball, but for emergency lighting, it's very common.
I know the feeling about missing the obvious (sometimes I come up with the most convoluted way to solve a problem, and someone else will say, "Why don't you just unplug it overnight?" Um, duh, yeah LOL
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