MythBusters - Accident at M5!

I hope he's ok for next season..

Picture of MythBusters - Accident at M5!
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echelon39 years ago
I asked my sister if she knew who Jamie hyneman was and she said roughly so I showed her the pic and she asked if that was a pic of someone that looked like him! then again she was sitting across the room but the gray skin should have given it away. Then she says o, so its a walrus that looks like him? with glasses and stuff?
comodore9 years ago
Juklop10 years ago
How come that Walrus doesn't have any tusks?
Goodhart Juklop10 years ago
The imagotaria walrus is tuskless I believe
Juklop Goodhart10 years ago
Man- you're like a human wikipedia or something.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Juklop10 years ago
That's a new step for Wikipedia! Actually replacing the word encyclopedia with wikipedia.
Encyclopedia just has way to many letters as opposed to Wikipedia.
"I'm not a walking wiki(pedia)" :-)
ll.13 ll.1310 years ago
Oops, what happened to italics?
Goodhart Juklop10 years ago
Nah, I just say: I wonder if.....a lot. Then I go and find out if it is or isn't :-)
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