Mythbusters Rock !!!

Don't ya think this show is awsome?

It is one of my favourite shows, and is very entertaining. Some of the rigs and machines they build are amazing:

e.g one of my favourite:

Jamie's " Graplling Gun Ascending Winch " ( Episode- Superhero Hour )

The myths are very good aswell such as "The Ice Bullet" .

Im Sure you people on instructables watch this show. C'mon!

What do you think of it?
Fave myth?
Fave rig / machine?
Did any of the myths help you in life situations?

( BTW, Can't wait, going to download series 4 XD)
( Too bad they don't show much new episodes in England!)

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is the show comming back on with new episodes? it kinda looked like they just kind of ended.
szechuan539 years ago
i wonder if the Alkali metals react with the oxides of deuterium and tritium (different isotopes of hydrogen, so the oxides are similar to water)
nerfer1929 years ago
myth: exploding pen rig: ninja robot no
Goodhart9 years ago
One of my favorite places to haunt (after Instructables and MAKEzine) is Mythbusters
mrbox9 years ago
we should ask them to do a myth on killer knex guns and watch them build the craziest knex gun ever or just stumble on the instructables site and totally complain about the terrible instructions ;D
Baron A (author)  mrbox9 years ago
Rofl !
mrbox9 years ago
whatsisface9 years ago
On a sort of related note: Have you ever heard of a show called "Brainiac: Science Abuse" across the pond? We had it here in the UK, and it was more or less the only science based show on the tv for a while. I suggest you check it out, it's worth a watch.
Do you remember to episode where they dropped lumps of highly reactive rare earth metals into bath tubs? They cheated - there were explosives under the tubs.
Did they indeed? I know some metals would cause such a reaction, but was always led to believe that metals such as Francium were so unstable that they decayed within a few seconds anyway, thus making it extremely hard to find. I suppose it makes little sense to throw that in a bathtub. Ah that also explains about the metals we weren't allowed to know the names of as well, because they didn't exist. How did you find out?
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