Mythbusters to tackle moon landing

Did we really land on the moon? The Mythbusters have run some tests to find out for a future show. Sounds like it'll be awesome and I'll need to find a friend's place to watch it.

So can a flag wave in a vacuum? Catch when the show airs to find out.

via Neatorama

Picture of Mythbusters to tackle moon landing
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westfw9 years ago
I don't see how anyone capable of truly believing that the moon landing was a hoax is likely to be convinced by any demonstrations from a TV show. I mean, part of the theory is that film and VT effects are so good (and were in 1969, too) that you can't believe anything you see... (Of course, I don't understand how anyone can truly believe it was a hoax; I think it's just something misanthropic rednecks claim to believe so they can annoy "college boy know-it-alls.")

I wonder what they'll blow up?

"Coincidence - you weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on."
Goodhart westfw8 years ago
How about THIS video (in case the embedding doesn't work).

my apologies for the bump...
bommber man9 years ago
ok the flag will not wave but it will not disinigrate and turn all moldy because it can make no germs enter the premisise
But there is a stick holding the flag up. It doesn't wave.
Goodhart9 years ago
Oh, could someone make note of it when it airs? I always miss such things because of my dumb work hours....
0 oclock, discovery channel
that's what I get for typing in the dak, 9 oclock, not 0 oclock
Tonight ? Oh shaw. I was hoping, since I am off work Fri - Mon it might be on one of my days off. Oh well....
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