N8man avatar orders

Because my orangeboard is getting filled with orders for n8man avatars the orders will be taken here.

Here are a few services I can provide

  • Remaking avatars (Teacher of the ways avatar) so the look better or have some new theme(GM's halloween avatar)
  • Placing images together on photoshop (As I did with with GM's and Teacher's avatar)
  • Designing things in flash
  • N8man style sigs*

So if you want me to make something post here and if I reply I will almost certainly make it. Just remember that I am still in school so it might take time for me to make it with all of the homework so don't expect instant results.

*For those of you who want n8man sigs:
Now I will telll you this now, so you don't complain larer, you are not garaunteed to get a n8man sig if you ask for it. I personally will choose who gets one because if everyone gets one then it will mean nothing at all. (if it means anything now) So if you ask you might get one, you might not, but if you do ask and I want to make you one, then you will move toward the top of the list.

A few examples below

Oh, and did I mention it is FREE

Picture of N8man avatar orders
Teacher of Ways avatar copy.jpg
GM halloween avatar.jpg
Instructopedia initials.jpg
Robot point.jpg
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Can I have one with the Instructables robot with an electric guitar?
dombeef8 years ago
Can I have a signature?
dombeef dombeef8 years ago
Can I have one?
dombeef dombeef8 years ago
*Whispers* I think that means no...
n8man (author)  dombeef8 years ago
I am getting around to it, I have been busy lately
dombeef n8man8 years ago
Oh ok
bounty10128 years ago
can you make one of the instructables robot with a gears of war lancer?
n8man (author)  bounty10128 years ago
That is a gun, right?
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