NASA Contest update, updated 2nd March 09

I thought I'd update you all on the NASA contest.

Since I'd almost forgotten I'd even entered, it probably means you've forgotten as well.

Thor's Shotgun is currently in 57th position, with 243 views.

The Cuttlefish Drive is currently 18th place, with 942 views.

More views from you, dear readers, will of course improve my results.

(You may consider this to be an invitation to spam people...)


I received an email today:

Is your entry to the Create the Future Design Contest among the top winners?

Find out on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00 am Eastern.
Join Tech Briefs Media Group and SolidWorks Corp. for a live Webcast announcing the Grand Prize, Category, and Popular Vote winners of the seventh annual contest.
Speakers will include Jeff Ray, CEO of SolidWorks, and Linda Bell, Editorial Director of NASA Tech Briefs.

Register today for this complimentary Webinar at:

Good luck and thanks for participating!

Unfortunately, I will be in a parents' meeting during the "webinar", so you might find out before me...

(Crosses fingers)

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Kiteman (author) 8 years ago
Update bump.
KentsOkay9 years ago
I shared em on Facebook, I think the Thor's Shotgun is a ruddy brilliant idea...
Kiteman (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Wow. Please, tell anybody who cares that I give full licence for anybody else to use the idea - I'm not after profiting from it.
*Goes off to patent idea*
Kiteman (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Haha, nice try.
Kiteman (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Unless the rules have changed, you can't patent an idea that has already been disclosed.
I wanted you to think you invented it....
Kiteman (author) 9 years ago
The previous was a test removal. This is a reply to the test comment.
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