NEMA 34 stepper motors, perfect for robotic projects.

Brand new high torque stepper motors.  Useful for precise positioning with low cost.

650 oz·in model @ $80!

Check my site for additional models and details:

Picture of NEMA 34 stepper motors, perfect for robotic projects.
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dombeef7 years ago
how many do you have?
kineticstep (author)  dombeef7 years ago
I have "lots" in stock :)
Would this fit into the maker bot? I am thinking of buying 3 of these to make it, do you sell controllers for these also?
kineticstep (author)  dombeef7 years ago
Our smallest motor @ 4.6 N·m could be used for a large and/or blazing fast MakerBot.

Most people use smaller motors, but when the price is the same, why not get more power? :)

I use multiple G201X drives from Gecko for my projects, but you may prefer this 4 axis control system that has 4 integrated drives along with parallel port control:
(no affiliation, but I know they offer a quality product and I don't sell controllers at the moment)
Wow! though i think that will be a problem if the motor goes too fast, the extruder wont do a good job, do you have a not as fast one?
kineticstep (author)  dombeef7 years ago
With stepper motors the speed can be precisely controlled regardless of size.

One pulse on the controller would have the motor shaft rotate 1.8 degrees in a particular direction. Your software decides how fast to make these 1.8 degree steps, and thus controls the speed that the MakerBot operates at.

Larger motors allow for higher speeds and bigger loads, but it doesn't mean that you must use the higher speeds- just that they are available should you want them. In a MakerBot you may find them useful for going quickly from one point to another when plastic isn't flowing.
Ok, thanks, i will look into buying them soon,thanks!