NERF Halo assault rifle

Over at the 405th, user Moz has modified his NERF rifle to fit right in to the Halo universe. Fortunately, he posted a few photos of the process so you can see how everything got hacked and modified and painted for the final result. He even put up a nice little video to show how it works. Nice one!

Nerf Ma5B
via gizmodo

Picture of NERF Halo assault rifle
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CB20017 years ago
Here's a question I have to ask: The knock-off Halo toy rifle you used... what stores have them? I mean, I heard K-Mart had them, but I checked the one nearby and they didn't have them.
isaacd1 CB20013 years ago


I think he should have used a gun that was rapid fire as opposed to the Recon. My Recon sucks because it jams. I'd totally do this if it weren't for that.
but, to make the gun seem more realistic, he could've used the Stampede, just taken off the top tactical rail.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is much better than Halo

Dude, I love both Halo and Modern Warfare 2, but why are you comparing them to each other. Sure, they're both first person shooters, but that's the only thing they have in common. Halo is about a super soldier who fights aliens and has energy shielded armor and is really strong. Modern Warfare 2 is a military simulator, where you fight Russians in war, being more, as the title says, modern warfare. So I just don't see why you're comparing the two. Sorry if I sound like I'm making a huge deal out of this, but not only am I sick of seeing "Halo is better than Modern Warfare 2" and vise versa, but that's just how I prove my point.

his name is Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John 117, not Halo.

The only thing I like about Halo is the plot.  Playing it isn't all that fun, but the plot is GENIUS!!!!

at least you are saying one nice thing

 Well, I like to stay realistic in video games. (Although cars blowing up when you shoot them is a bit indulged)

But true, Halo's plot is amazingly creative.
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