NEVER DO THIS! my story.

so, i have been working on making a coil gun. and for that, i need a cap bank. so i took twenty caps from cameras and put them in parallel. it was a lot of capacitors. i went to go charge them up late at night and believe me, that was a big mistake. i flip the switch and started waiting for the light to come on. until, i cap exploded. i couldn't hear for almost 15 seconds. it scared the crap out of me, and i am sure that it would of hurt if i touched it. don't do this. i got in big trouble from my

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REA9 years ago
your fail amuses me! tell another.
Derin9 years ago
Tsk means Turkish Armed Forces
thats taf, tsk is laughing
I think you've been beaten, check out the latest pocket sized entry, he's going to have some thread to write about...
Which one's that?
the rocket launcher...
zachninme9 years ago
Did you do it backwards or something?!
Uhoh, need some kind of control mechanisms on that...
And earplugs...
Oh and top of every capacitor a heavy schedule pipe with a concrete plug sitting in it, just so when one blows there'll be a nice signal in the form of concrete plugs shooting into the sky, possibly write on them so people will get help when they find them. Yes this is exactly the reason I can't be trusted to do anything...
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