I am starting a new project, I want to tweak some of my old design, design some new systems, and reverse engineer some other stuff to create a whole new system that is effective and powerful. I am planning on making this a full turret, so don't worry about size at all, only effectiveness. Let me know if you guys have any ideas of systems to contribute for the plan (see my previous post for details on 'systems').

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Do you still have it? and if you do can i have a pic?
Stop posting in old topics.  He probably doesn't come around anymore.
SNIPERDUDE (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
 Don't be so sure - I still love this site, although I haven't posted anything in a good while.

I regularly check my mail and subscribe to the RSS feeds on the homepage.
If you ever have any questions or the such, I'm still around - just PM me.
SNIPERDUDE (author)  Millawi Legend8 years ago

I still have the old gun, but I've been revising my technique as to how I will approach this.

I don't have it fully automatic yet, but I haven't much time to experiment with designs.

On the other hand, I am studying Computer Engineering in College now, and getting a better understanding of how to programme and design electronics.  So I have been working on a very much more electrical approach as to how it will be run.  Still a 100% K'nex gun though.

So in the end it will look like a K'nex gun, with the motors for each component attached to a breadboard (interprets what the computer outputs) attached to a computer, running a python programme I'll make that will act as the eye (using a high speed webcam) and create certain behaviors (ex: don't shoot in this area, follow target, when to do what, etc).

As I am busy full time now, even on evenings and weekends, Don't expect the Kn'ex part to be done anytime soon.  The rest however, is looking optimistic.

Whence I get the gun working as a full auto, I will of course produce a non-electrical version for you guys as well as a demo video of what is done.

What if, for the splodies launcher, you could, dunno if you can read it (its so small) but it says Barrel which contains splodie are pulled back onto the firing pin which will make it fire then the next splodie is loaded and etc.
full auto splodie launcher.bmp
SNIPERDUDE (author)  CrazyCHRIS!!9 years ago
Hmmm, still trying to figure out how that design works in the image. Care to elaborate on the image or post a further detailed image? I am planning on using a design in which the splodies are fed in through some sort of a hopper or ammunition mag of some sort.
oh right ok, not now though maybe later today.
Sorry bout the wait, -METHOD- Right you have some sort of motor that will pull the barrel/s back onto a static firing pin. The barrels will have to be pulled back at speed for this to work. Atop the barrel is a magazine with splodies in it. -EXPLANATION- When the barrel if pulled back the firing pin will push the splodie out of the barrel and then load a new splodie in the barrel. I think that covers it, reply for any other questions.
SNIPERDUDE (author)  CrazyCHRIS!!9 years ago
That cleared it up, thanks. I'll look into it, but I am trying a 'frictionless' method to get the most out of each shot. Epic gun, epic techniques.
SNIPERDUDE (author)  CrazyCHRIS!!9 years ago
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