hi there!
Dr Richtofen and i where just talking
and we where talking about full auto knex
so i showed him my old idea
we talked
and we are near a prototype!
we are still drawing and stuff
but, we are near it!
stay tuned for more!!!!
we will keep the prototyp secret, so no one can steal it!

now(yes i know, on a forum pro's and cons? haha!)

it will be FULL AUTO!!!! so no more anoying pull, fire, pull fire, just one pull back for 1 mag!(if we succeed!)
it will be the first one
i mean, FULL AUTO!
it will add more realism to the guns!
you will never have to reload slow again!

it's a prototyp
the power will be slowly killed...
we didn't figer out how to make it work
we need to find a good gun for it

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Kinetic4 years ago
Please forgive me if this comes off as spam, but I truly think that the most feasible sort of full auto will come from the type of mechanism utilized in this gun.  There is an argument as to whether you could actually call it fully automatic, but it is the closest thing I thing we can get and still have a decent amount of power behind every shot.   But then again I don't know quite how your mechanism works.  Just know that efficiency is going to be your main goal here, because you don't have a lot of stored energy to work with.  If you want, try building upon the mechanism seen in the gun linked above.  I think it has the potential to shoot upwards of 40 feet if ratios can be optimized and friction can be minimized.  
Hey bro, I had no idea you were still around. Its kinda funny that this is the topic you would drop into.
I lurk here and there lol. I'm not very active but I just thought I'd give my two cents on this forum, seeing that full auto is a very unexplored (and rightfully so) area of K'nex guns.
Ah, I see. Well, it is really good to see you posting comments again. I don't think we can expect any more builds from you???

Yeah, the full auto pin concept seems almost impossible, but then again, so did bullpup guns back in the day.
Sorry for the very delayed comment.

But think of all the energy that is wasted stopping and then resetting the pin. It it only needed resetting, it would be plausible, but the energy that resets comes from the energy of stopping it (at least in this case), and so as long as the pin is in contact with something that stores energy, energy is going to be lost rather quickly, because for every joule of energy going into storage, you lose half a joule.

I think the best bet for full (and semi) autos comes from exterior power sources that match up each power source with each individual shot. For example, I came up with this design a while back, but it may not be doable with K'nex as it will require some very precise placements:

Imagine a turret connected to a rod that runs through the upper body of the gun, and this rod is connected to two rubber wheels (or 3 or 4, it doesn't matter). Now, right below these wheels rest a vertical magazine of cartridges, preferably made up simply of a lot of gray connectors, a red rod(I think that would be the best length, but maybe yellow), a block trigger, and a pin with a rubber band. The cartridge that is in contact with the wheel is lined up with the next turret shot. The manual trigger is simply a device that comes down on the block trigger of the ready-to-fire cartridge. So when the cartridge goes off, the bullet fires, allowing the turret to rotate. Keep in mind that the now-empty shell is in direct contact with the wheel that is attached to the turret. So as the wheel rotates, it ejects the shell, the magazine pusher will push the next cartridge into place, and so long as the trigger remains pulled, the pusher will push the cartridge's block trigger right into the manual trigger mechanism, setting the next cartridge off. This will continue until the trigger is released, at which point the chain reaction must stop because the block trigger cannot be set off.

Hopefully that was detailed enough for you to visualize, but I think the look and feel and effect of that gun would be so amazing. But to answer your question, I probably will not be building any more K'nex guns, although I am almost done with designs for a wooden crossbow pistol, which would be pretty amazing. I would like to post the KSP. Even though it isn't 100% reliable, I still love it, and I think others would too.
CODawesome4 years ago
I'm pretty sure that you need a motor to make the pin go back and forth repeatedly. for a semi auto mech, no motor is required (just saying).
Kona-chan (author)  CODawesome4 years ago
wrong c:
it's a special meganism
I don't think you understand how physically impossible this is.
Kona-chan (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
Anf i think you don`t understand that every fisical law can be broke.
No physical law can be broke. That's why they're laws.
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