NEW GRENADE LAUNCHER: H.S.S.P. V3 (Heavy Support Splodie Pistol)

Hello everyone, I yesterday builded this modification of the HSSR, the advantages: - smaller - easier to load and cock - more reliable (less barrel, so less drag) - easier to build disadvantages: - looks less cool (my opinion:P) - less accuracy So I think this gun is better than the rifle version, but also check it (It's an instructable). grtz Infinnion, EXTRA: you can add some grey connectors to the side of the gun to hold splodies. WARNING: I'm not responsible for any damage to urself, your house, your cat. So plz dont shoot at animals or people (or expensive windows:P:P:P).

Picture of NEW GRENADE LAUNCHER: H.S.S.P. V3 (Heavy Support Splodie Pistol)
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YES PLEASE POST! your HSSR v2 was somewhat not very reliable because most of the time it made my splodies explode right out of the barrel. and as Baron A said it looks fine so dont worry.
Infinnion (author)  Shadowfuryix9 years ago
The key to a good splodie gun is a stable splodie. You have to take very thick rubber bands (and fold them so you have two holes and build it), in this way the splodie is very stable. I don't think I'll post it, because it takes just to much time. Maby I'll post some more pictures in 2 weeks (then I'll have vacation). grtz, Infinnion
altaria199310 years ago
loocks kickass >:3 post it? please?
acker12310 years ago
awsome im gonna go build now :)
Whaleman10 years ago
Awesome!!!!! Post! And how is your splodie rocket turning out?
Infinnion (author)  Whaleman10 years ago
I've made a rocket which uses 3 splodies. It's a long time ago I made my last gun. But this week I have time so maby I gonna make some kind of rocket launcher.
Baron A Infinnion10 years ago
Infinion you are just amazing this design is ingenious. BTW it looks well cool so don't worry! :)
Infinnion (author)  Baron A10 years ago
Thank you! :D, I make my guns as deadly as possible. My rocket launcher is turning out to be a triple splodie launcher. The range is still very poor, but I'm gonna adjust that in some way.
Baron A Infinnion10 years ago
are you going to post this pistol? please do!
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