This is a new knex round. It is pretty heavy, so it really packs a punch. So far I have not made a mag fed gun for it so I'm reaching out to you guys. The round is called pain ammo. It's main component are these things, ICU or  Inventory Control Unit, they keep merchandise at the front of the racks. Here is the link click me or you can pick them up off the floor in stores. I get them from REI. I like to use these rounds for target pratice because of their sheer knock back power. When useing these rounds it has a feel able but minamile reciol when it is fired form my moded  Seleziona's Break Action Rifle (link is https://www.instructables.com/id/Selezionas-Break-Action-Rifle-mods/  original's link is https://www.instructables.com/id/Selezionas-Break-Action-Rifle/ So if you make a mag for these rounds mention pain round in it somewhere or pm me.

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Seleziona6 years ago
Is that knex?
tytiger33 (author)  Seleziona6 years ago
The black things aren't knex but, the rest is.
oh, alright. I doubt many people would like using this ammunition..
tytiger33 (author)  Seleziona6 years ago
Yeah, but they are mostly target rounds or, could be used as fear rounds.
DJ Radio6 years ago
You do realize the main component is not knex right?
tytiger33 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Yes I do but it adds weight and it doesn't break pieces like using a clip on wheel.
oodalumps6 years ago
tytiger33 (author)  oodalumps6 years ago
To who and to what
The Jamalam6 years ago
Don't even try it. We aren't trying to kill each other.
tytiger33 (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
The exato knife round or the other round becuase, even though I call it the pain round it dosnt hurt much but, you can easily feel it when or more likely if it hits you.
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