NEW knex gun design

this is a gun i have been working on. The cool thing about it is that to fire it all u have to do is pull the trigger and it will pull the firing pin and shoot it. This makes it a billion times faster to shoot. idk if i should post or not so tell me what u think

Picture of NEW knex gun design
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That looks awesome. Since KILLERK likes it, I bet it really should be posted.
KILLERK is not god!! all the man who are here are saying: killerk's gun moding, killerk magnum, is killerk stock and more similar stuff...
he didn't even make the first gun!
MI69 years ago
You should post it
extreme builder (author) 9 years ago
COMING 3/22/08
HURRY 2 *twitch* more *twitch* DAYS *twitch*
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari9 years ago
nope i will probably post tomorrow!!
wait sorry. I forgot to ask. How does the mechanism work. And yes i know that you pull back the trigger and it pulls back the ram, bt how???
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari9 years ago
i can't explain it im about to post it in like an hour or 2
its been an hour. *annoying smile*
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