NIMBY made it into their brand new 64,000 sq. ft. space and they're throwing a party!

Live Music | Incredible Art | Giant Sculpture in a new space for the world famous NIMBY.

Boy Chaous, Big Daddy, Dj Caine, Derailleurs, Los Banos, The Disgusting Spectacle, The Turks, Therm Robots, Tilt a hurl, Fluff grrl, It's so $$$$, Carp Van, Cookie Mongoloid, Orion Fredricks, Phat Man Dee, Goat Man Dan, X TEN, & Binky.

February 21st, 2008
Doors open at dark.
$10 Donation.

8410 Amelia St.
Oakland, CA

Picture of NIMBY Party
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omnibot8 years ago
I am critical towards my fellow mens sexist attitude regarding the halfnaked girl in this ad and so I'm flagging it as inapropriate. I mean, I know sex sells and this is exactly why it does. The girl in this advertisement is irrelevant, it would not get the same comments if it was a guy halfnaked in a mask, and it's this stuff that keeps the sexes in meaningless competition who's only benefactors are divorce-lawyers and the fashion industry. If you really need to see nudes I can recommend some sites for that but let's atleast keep this out of the ads on Ible.
lemonie omnibot8 years ago
She's at least 85% naked, and doesn't quite qualify as a 'nude'.
I don't find this image interesting from a sexual perspective, and I'd think anyone who did rather weird. It's (in some way) artistic.

omnibot lemonie8 years ago
That's why I keep saying "halfnaked" but, sure, "85% naked" if you prefer. I do find this image interesting from a sexual perspective, it almost turns me on, that's what I'm saying is wrong with it. It is there only to attract attention by appealing to mens sexuality. As for it being artistic .. funny that how so much fine art depicts naked ladies.
lemonie omnibot8 years ago
I think there's some thing wrong with you... Or is it me? : ) L
omnibot lemonie8 years ago
Hard to tell these days. I just do what I think is right and hope to heck I'm not completely off. lol
lemonie omnibot8 years ago
Well aye. Except I don't really worry about being 'on'... L
omnibot lemonie8 years ago
To true %P
Kiteman omnibot8 years ago
I don't see the reactions so far as sexist. Sexual, maybe, but not sexist. None of the comments have degraded the anonymous girl in the image, all have been complementary in, frankly, quite a polite way.

If the picture had been of an equally attractive male, and there had been similar comments from the female members, I would not be offended at all.

Why have you not objected to this, far mor blatant example of sexism (which I am equally un-bothered about, even though my own gender is the "victim")?
omnibot Kiteman8 years ago
Well, 1. Noah is not halfnaked. 2. Noah is the actual prize and therefore relevant. How is that sexist? By comparing him to chocolate?
Kiteman omnibot8 years ago
1. How do you know? Those are only head-and-shoulder shots.

2. Would you not consider it sexist if a female member was offered up as a reward instead?

How do you know that, when the poster was put together, the organisers didn't say "we need somebody to wear this mask in a photo? No takers? Anybody? Gloria, you're volunteering? Thank you. Now, just put the mask on and what are you doing with your clothes??? Ah, well, if you insist. Just be careful not to get too cold, OK?'"
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