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I have to be honest i dont like the idea of instructables pro, like i under stand how money is nice and everything but for some people we cant exactly pay for things over the internet or want to pay for somthing that we used to be able to do for free. like looking at a fourum like come on i used to love reading things people had to say. but i just tryed to look at a forum and it said i have to pay to look at somthing that could possible be a small sentence about how stupid bannana bread is.i dont wanna keep this to long but in short all the pro is , is a easy way to make some cash and i cant beleive peple are paying for this it not only offers very very very little but you have to constantly pay for it. thats all i have to say but please please discuss this and tell me what you think and who knows someone might agree up at instructables and take it down -aceLED

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minime123587 years ago
Im actually a little confuse about pro... could someone help me? It says that with a free account you cant download/customize pdfs... but i can. Is this because ive been with instructables a good while?
you are just like me. i can go to all steps in one page, view pdfs, favorite, even though i am not a pro. that is because we joined before they started the pro setting. they let old members keep their settings though they arn't pro. nice.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I kinda agree with you (don't get me wrong, instructables is great and totally deserves the money), but I think they went about the wrong way of doing it. I think a simple, easy to find "donation" button would have sufficed. Taking away features and giving them to only the people that pay is a bad idea. I think they should have kept those features open to everybody, and throw in some nice, but not necessary features from "pro" members, like... i don't even know. Anywho, I'm probably never going to be a pro member, just because... I don't feel like it? If they set up a donation button, i might donate, but... instructables now just kinda feels cheap. if I was the owner(s) of the site, I would definiteley want the money to better fund the site, and our lives (this website is probably their fulltime jobs). I just don't like the idea of pro. Also, I'm not an as active user as I use to be, so I guess that adds upon not wanting to pay for instructables.
If Instructables really needs money that bad they should create a store. People love Instructables. I can bet there are very few users who would have to think twice before buying something like an Instructables flash drive, or a t-shirt, or almost anything with the instructrables logo or robot on it. Heck, they could publish a few more "The Best of Instructables" books. If they need money this is a lame way of getting it.
Kiteman Schober7 years ago
There used to be a store - useful income; practically zero.

This is a Maker site - if anybody wants something with Robot on it, they simply make it.  There's even a dedicated guide.

As for publishing more books, we (not "they", this is a community) certainly have enough material to fill a whole shelf, but publishing a book costs money up-front, and the income stream is slow (unless you find yourself with a Makers' Harry Potter?).
You can even talk to someone with the nickname robot.
Schober Kiteman7 years ago
Sorry, didn't think about the cost of printing books, better consider everything before making sugestions. But there are those of us (like me) that don't have the experience, finances and/or tools to create things like t-shirts, labeled flash drives and other licensed merchandise. I agree with 'guyfrom7up' ; that the fact that they are charging for basic features that used to be available to all users makes them seem cheap. But I also feel that I was somehow not a complete person (all humor intended) until I found this fantastic resource and will continue to use Instructables regardless of whether or not they give these features back to everyone.
canida Schober7 years ago
Everything Kiteman says is true.  And we've made sure all the content on the site is freely available - only the formats with fewer ads have become pro features.

In the meantime, win a contest - pro memberships are part of the prize package. 
I highly encourage you to read some of the postings from Eric Wilhelm (founder and CEO).  These folks are not amateurs.  They have done substantial experimentation and analysis of where their money comes from and where more money could come from.  What follows is not directed just at you; it's more of a "teachable moment" for other people reading this discussion.

Creating reliable and stable cash flow in the long term is quite difficult.  If you have small business experience, then you already know this.  If you don't have that experience, and don't believe it, then you should go and read case studies to convince yourself otherwise.

The advertising revenue has dropped nearly in half in the past year, with no indication that it is recovering.  In any event, blindly waiting for it to recover without having alternatives in place would be both foolish and irresponsible.

The store, as Kiteman says, has never generated any useful income.

Production of books for sale is much more expensive than you might think.

The corporation is for profit, so "donations" are forbidden.  If you want to "donate" to support the site, buy a paid membership, and think of it as the equivalent.

Redneck28 years ago
I think that we should start a non pro group for people who are against paying to get the same options.
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