NRW 2012 Robot Block Party!

This year for National Robotics Week, we're hosting a Robot Block Party!

Who: Robot fans of all ages!
When: Monday, April 9, from 4-7pm
Where: Autodesk Gallery, 2nd Floor, 1 Market St. SF, CA

What: Robots!  Robot kits!  Robot builders!  Robot-themed activities!  More ROBOTS!

We'll also serve pizza, snacks, and home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream mixed live on-site!   

Sign ups are now open!  
(Please fill out the form so we've got your name on the list for building security.)

We've got robot demos and talks from the founders of Robogames, sculptor Nemomatic, and inflatable robots from Otherlab.  Stay tuned for more information - there will be more robots, more presenters, and more robot fun!

Picture of NRW 2012 Robot Block Party!
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ilpug4 years ago
Well, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. Dang. I was going to come, bring some friends, and some servo arm designs I had, but the scheduling did not work out this time. Maybe next time! :/
canida (author)  ilpug4 years ago
D'oh! Next time.
cammers4 years ago
Dang, wrong hemisphere!
Kiteman4 years ago
Dang, wrong continent again!
canida (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I am actually putting a box of gear together to send to London this Friday - do you know about the Big Bang event for kids/educators? Just stuff, no people, though.
Goodhart canida4 years ago
I might as well BE in the wrong continent....
Kiteman canida4 years ago
Big Bang? Do you possibly mean "Bang Goes the Theory"?

There's a road-show of that, I should be visiting them as a school trip.
canida (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Nope! I'll send you email.
Kiteman canida4 years ago
Oh? Intriguing...
ilpug4 years ago
Man, I hope I can modify my schedule to make it... only live 3 hours away, but I am in school that day! Why on a Monday? Argh.
canida (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Aren't you on spring break that week? Lots of schools are! But that's why we went 4-7pm, so people could travel. Sorry you're 3 hours away, though!
ilpug canida4 years ago
I might be... *checks website* YES!! I will probably go then. I will probably bring a friend or two also. I have limited experience in robotics, mainly only with Vibrobots and building RC hovercraft, but I hope I can contribute!
canida (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Sign ups are now open!
Dang, wrong side of the continental divide again!
canida (author)  CatTrampoline4 years ago
One day we'll do something where you are! In the meantime, check the NRW site for local events - there might be something near you.
Goodhart canida4 years ago
C.T. I feel the same way, and when there is an event in my area (NYC, Queens Maker Faire) it is once a year and is subject to my wife's (in)discretion as to whether I can go or not. Because I feel so awkward around people I have no contact with previously, it is very hard for me to even think about helping to arrange something.
Yeah, I think most of us are in the same situation. I did get to go to Maker Faire Austin 5 or 6 years ago, but they haven't had one in Texas recently.

If you are near a large population center like NYC or DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth), an event will eventually come around.
Yes, once a year :-) And "near" is relative.....I am withing 3-4 hour drive of NYC / Manhatten, and another half hour or so drive through it to Queens....not always fun.
I was so happy when I heard about it (I only got into DIY, and discovered Instructables around... right after NY's maker fair) I live RIGHT next to were it is (I often bike through the park were they hold it) :)
canida (author)  schumi234 years ago
Awesome, we'll see you there next year!
I hear that! Houston is 5 hours away and I have to drive through 2 cities that have horrible traffic and worse drivers, which is one reason I haven't been down there in 3-4 years. Lubbock is 6 hours away but it is mostly easy driving. I am planning to go to Mini Maker Faire in Lubbock in April, and I will try to find another attraction to bundle into the trip.
Thanks for the tip. There are a couple of events in Houston. I should check the Make calendar and see what else is coming up.
i hate that i live in montenegro
iproberry14 years ago
paulbr4 years ago
nice image it so cool