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Are there any good electronics shops in New York City to go to? Im looking for like components resistors capacitors switches encosures etc etc. And I will be around times sqaure and manhattan.

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randofo8 years ago
This is a secret (I guess not anymore)... I think its 269 Canal St... there is a booth in the back of one of the flea markets that sells knock off luggage. They sell ICs, transistors and components. There should be a small sign that says "VCR repair" hanging in the front of the market. You may need to argue about (watch) the pricing, but he has a large selection. This place was still there last I checked a year and a half ago. Argo Electronics on Canal St has some random junk if you're not looking for anything in particular.
Canal St! My favorite place to shop (maybe just my favorite place, period) ever! :-D
I won't ask how many "designer" handbags you own...
Hehehe. The last time I was there, all I got was an "I <3 NY" T-shirt (size small). Classic white with red heart and black lettering of course. I miss the city now! :D
If you need anything, let me know...but then again, I don't know if FEDEX delivers to secret locations like the Fortress of Solitude or the Bat-cave.
:-) Thank you. Haha!
jackillac92 (author)  randofo8 years ago
Yeah last time i was there I wandered in and bought a couple LEDs from him nice enough guy
randofo randofo8 years ago
Oh... and the NYU computer store has a small section. Ask for the ITP physical computing stuff. There used to be a robot shop in the 80s... they mostly sell robot kits for rich kids.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Sad to say, even in a big city like like New York, there really aren't any good electronics part shops. The leap to available and affordable PCs in the 80's probably brought down the hobbyist electronics tinkerer with disposable consumer goods. Back then, Radio Shack was the place to get parts (then Tandy, Lafayette) and the electronics junk stores on Canal Street were the place to go to get parts (tubes and VCR components). There may be one left but not even worth going to unless you want some old B&W CRT or 8-track car stereo. Most people order online (mouser, jameco, digikey) and can get good prices including shipping. Besides, it justs makes it harder for terrorists to get parts to build something here. Good luck.
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