NYC Soldering Championships

Apparently, for all of you in the NYC area, July 29th (next-next tuesday) is the NYC Soldering Championships.

"With solder irons blazing, and the power of molten metal at their finger tips, New York City's electricity enthusiasts and hardware hackers will connect components to complete circuits for the glory of being the fastest soldering gun in NYC."

The end goal is to solder an entire electronics kit (which has not yet been chosen) as fast as possible. Unfortunately, you must be 21 or older to enter.....

After the competition, the Ignite NYC talks will begin, several of which seem quite... interesting...

For registration and more information, check out NYC Resistor's site.

Picture of NYC Soldering Championships
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slimguy3799 years ago
those are duel watt soldering irons from radio shack I have the same ones!! ha ha
guyfrom7up9 years ago
If I could enter this I think I'd spend the most time putting the components in the wholes and stuff, lol
KANahas9 years ago
Behold the six armed goddess from india... (not profiling here...)
Plasmana9 years ago
I am very good using a soldering iron and I can get the soldering job quite fast (because I use a high temp. type) and damn! I am 15 years old!! I cannot enter! GRRRR!!
comodore9 years ago
haha yea!
comodore9 years ago
hahahaha I am fast at soldering but not accurate and precise, i I entered the kit would finished qukly but it would contain tons and tons of solder! haha Is this a sport?
Goodhart9 years ago
I have never been "fast" although I have gained some "accuracy" over the years. :-)
=SMART=9 years ago
lol how incredibly geeky, i hope theres a video !!
Hmm... you sure do look different.
You know thats not him, right? :P Anyway, I can't solder quickly, but if encouraged to, I bet I'm in the 40th percentile :P I hope there's SMD components! QFP's could be painful :P
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