NachoDaughter Graduates From College!

. NachoMahma is proud to announce that his daughter now has a BA in Theater. With scholarships, grants, work-study, part-time jobs, &c, her five years of college have cost me less than 10K USD ... that's TOTAL for the five years and includes room and board! That's my girl.

Picture of NachoDaughter Graduates From College!
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Kiteman9 years ago
Well done that youngling! The chap over her shoulder doesn't look too happy, though.
(the chap over her shoulder IS NachoMahma's daughter !! ... Did not you understand ? if NachoMahma is a man, NachoDaughter is a boy ..... logic !)
NachoMahma (author)  chooseausername9 years ago
"Logic"? I think babelfish has let you down a bit there... LOL
His Mommy didn't come to the ceremony :-(
Goodhart9 years ago
Good Going. *thumbs up* :-)
Sorry, comment below meant for the Keith-Kid. Your comment was under his looking like you both were the grammar and typo police.
I missed that one altogether :-)
rubs eyes and checks glasses

You avatar is looking a bit lighter after your workout on the treadmill...I hope you are doing better...
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